Duke University Medical Center

Address: 2301 Erwin Rd
Phone: (919) 477-2644
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Category: Hospital
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  • Ruby Sinreich

    Check out all the patients smoking in their hospital gowns at the SE corner. Some even roll out their IV drip.
  • Sophia Guthrie

    Starbucks is better than the cafeteria any day of the week
  • Chris Riggan

    Ask for the Dilaudid and Phenergan!!!!
  • Tonya Peace

    At Work...
  • Jordan Hammond

    Best hospital around! So happy with the care and cleanliness of this hospital.
  • Tanita Johnson

    Valet parking is cash only.
  • R. B.-P.

    Hit Starbucks by cafeteria before or after visit and bring your friend or family member a treat. Also, valet.
  • Chelsea Mills

    The drinks and snacks at the main lobby r cheaper than cafeteria. Volunteer run with all proceeds going to Children's Hospital
  • Jennifer Sicking

    Best neurosurgeon!! Dr. Gerald Grant I can't thank you enough!!!
  • Teri Edwards

    Valet. $7 a day. Much less headache.
  • Chad Coleman

    Folks around here pay NO attention to the existence of crosswalks and have absolutely NO concept of what a crossing / no crossing sign either means or is. Drive cautiously.
  • Biggs

    Too bad it's not called NC Tarheel University Medical Center. Too many Duke nurses and doctors for a Heel fan!
  • Rabbi Jeremy Y

    Don't text while driving!
  • Grant Newport

    Pretty good hospital
  • Chelsea Mills

    Gift shop has books of 10 parking passes for 25 bucks!
  • Matthew Cloues

    Valet parking at entrances is well worth the money.
  • Kalia Robinson

    The new west wing of the hospital is very spacious and a lot more comfortable then the older rooms
  • Kobalt Husky

    Parking passes from the gift shop work only with the parking decks and not at the valet.
  • T.L. Hall

    Take more vacations!!
  • Marian Morritt

    The NICU and PICU staff is awesome as well as the staff on 7700.
  • Ruby Sinreich

    This intersection is a nightmare for both cars and pedestrians, and has no bicycle facilities at all. Avoid!
  • Andy Burnette

    Parking awful, signs on street and inside building are even worse. Handicap parking is inexcusable, and definitely not ADA compliant.
  • Theresa Hester-Dickerson

    Starbucks is the way to go!!
  • George Soltow

    Go Heels! dook sux!
  • Chad J

    Central Staffing (aka) & Formally IOP hands down best place to work. I Love it!
  • Daniel Huffman

    Pediatric cardiac cath lab staff are the best!
  • Maxie Figgs

    Leaving work finally.
  • J.r. Huffman

    Workin hard!
  • T.L. Hall

    Try not to work on Saturdays!!
  • Daniel Huffman

    Pediatric cardiac cath, What a great place to work!
  • Allison Fraser Turner

    hour and a half left at work
  • Jason

    This intersection is better observed than anything else. I love the patients and scrubs out smoking