Duke Divinity School

Address: Chapel Dr
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Category: College Academic Building
Check Ins: 3492


  • Seth Cotton

    Great place to study and the wifi is good now. No passwords needed.
  • Russ Bowlin

    This is not the right location at all. How can we change it?
  • Will Flaherty

    York Reading Room is the best quiet place to work on campus if you really need to get stuff done
  • Anthony Marzocca

    The York Reading Room used to be the Divinity School chapel. Try it's gothic ambiance when Bostock is as crowded as the airport before Thanksgiving.
  • Colby Davis

    Great place to study, especially if you are interested in religion. WiFi access is somewhat painful; go to the desk for the password and instructions (password changes weekly).
  • Eugenia Kenalaloquis

    @ 5:00pm you can enjoy the bells...
  • Christian Kerr

    Door facing the medical center can be opened if pulled hard enough, so it's a great place to study even if it's technically closed for the night.
  • Stephen

    The York Reading Room is a great place to read an study, if it's not being used by religious groups obviously not associated with the "Divinity School"