Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Address: 409 Blackwell St
Phone: (919) 956-2855
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Category: Baseball Stadium
Check Ins: 21666


  • Bill Kirst

    ? Free Wireless in the Ballpark! Bring your iPhone or iTouch.
  • Dennis O'Dell

    On Thursday nights, hotdogs, fries, and popcorn are a buck. Couple that with a dollar per refill bottomless drink cup, and you have dinner for under $5.00. Great stuff.
  • Bill Kirst

    Chik-fil-A @ the park!
  • Jon Thommarson

    Go to Foothills brewery biergarden for the best brews at the DBAP.
  • Ben Pulley

    Thursday night- $1 concessions.
  • Caleb Fletcher

    Google Durham Bulls Parking, and get a free parking pass!
  • Jennifer Cranford

    Grab Rita's italian ice in left field.
  • SL

    They have veggie dogs and veggie burgers! Also, parking is only $4 :)
  • Jeremy Perry

    Hit bull win steak
  • Rachel Porter

    Surprisingly good food options for veggies, and local beer choices.
  • Nick Lind

    The DBAP is the BEST place to work!
  • Suzanne N

    The 200 sections are on the shade.
  • Joseph Foster

    By far the best bang for the buck in the Triangle area! Sad when the season ends...very happy when it starts once again....
  • Tsuning Liu

    Nice view for a Friday night game
  • ThePurplePassport.com

    The Durham Bulls games are not only great for baseball fans, but they’re fabulous fun for the family too. And with the new food vendors (including The Pit) this is a tasty excursion for all.
  • Josh Crump

    Watch out for grannies with season tickets. Don't sit in " their seats"
  • Ben B

    Find the goose island brew stand - not only is the line small but you get the best beer in the park!
  • Julie D.

    Best cinnamon roasted almonds EVER! Get em while they're still warm.
  • Jennifer (Weinman) Douglas

    3rd base side gets shady before the rest
  • Jeff

    Get the all beef dogs. So much better
  • Scott Smith

    #WilVille shirts, getcha one
  • Kate Owens

    Thank goodness for the ceiling fans! The breeze is wonderful!
  • Pittsboro-Siler City Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Enjoy good beer, from @CarolinaBrewery here.
  • Nick DiColandrea

    Make sure you use their wireless and try a "bulldog" hotdog!
  • Jessica J.

    Make friends with the people that you stand in line with. You'll spend a lot of your time with them. ;)
  • Lee Potts

    Didn't see a game but saw the Bull from the parking lot outside. Found out later that it's not the one in the movie.
  • Emilio C

    Nice minor league stadium.
  • Elise

    Men's restrooms don't have changing tables. ??
  • Zack Davenport

    Bring a hat to deflect fly balls.
  • Stadium Journey

    Make sure to get a funnel cake!
  • Mike Wanderski

    Bulls mini plan. By far the best way we spend summer money to keep the kids (5, 4 and 2 year old) entertained. They love it!
  • Crystal Mantalvanos

    Tuesday nights AAA night! AAA members get a free ticket when you buy a ticket!
  • Camden Smith

    Great park, great good, and just an overall awesome experience for a traveler from Chattanooga! Go Bulls!
  • Scott Smith

    Bucket list must
  • Kitsy Phillips

    I love Tobacco Road! Fish Tacos!
  • Phillip D.

    Be sure to check out Geer street garden, less than 1 mile away and well worth it! Food and drinks are great!
  • Ricardo Pereira

    Agora entendi o jogo
  • Al Briggs

    Stand by the bull and wait for him to smoke!
  • Shannon Cooper

    Foothills brewing
  • Susan Nelson

    Take the Nattys Greene's bus to the bulls!
  • Joye Speight

    Wear a coat!
  • Steven Post

    The food stand things close pretty early. Don't wait until the end.
  • sarah revels

    love me some bulls games :)
  • Gabe Ruotolo

    Part of Section 113 and towards homeplate are shaded at 3
  • William Powell

    Go get a bulldog from concessions so bad for you but oh so good
  • Kristie Meave

    Beaver's Box was quite the good time! I'll be sure to share that with others.